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You said you didn’t mean it

when you told me you loved me

under a sky of empty promises

that used to shine so brightly. 


I guess I should’ve known

I’d never be good enough for you.

I should’ve known 

that someone like you 

would never look at me

the way I’ve looked at you.


Some time has passed now, and 

I see you 

moving down the street in the 

moonlight, with some other girl 

you hardly even know.


You brush the hair out of 

her face after the 

wind swept it in front of 

her eyes.


You used to do that for me.

You said it was because 

you would be able to see me better.


I should’ve known

it wasn’t true. 

I should’ve known 

it was all a game to you.


I’m sure you’ll lie to her too

and tell her she means more than anything. 

And that she’s special

and you want to be with her 

until the stars turn to dust.


I’m sure you’ll tell her

you love her 

just like you used to say to me.


The best part is 

when I told you all those things in return,

I meant it.


The worst part is 

I still do.

Jessica Garrison is a professional writing major and women's, gender, and sexuality studies minor at Kutztown University.
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