I Lived

I can’t remember the last time I sang a OneRepublic song. I mean, I like many of their songs and have memories of screaming their lyrics with friends in middle school.  To me, I knew I would always relate the band to that period of life. Until this summer happened. 


During the summer, OneRepublic was touring with Fitz and the Tantrums and James Arthur. My brother had mentioned about wanting to go because he is a diehard Fitz fan.  We went back and forth with the idea for months, coming close each time to purchasing tickets.  Eventually the time rolled around that they were going to be playing within the new few days.  I was already so busy working that I just let the idea slip my mind. I figured if I didn’t see Fitz this time, I know that I would go the next time.  


My friend Wynter had texted me two days prior to the date asking if I was busy that day. I knew I was off from work and needed a day to see a friend.  She had told me that her father received tickets to the OneRepublic concert and asked if I would want to go, and also bring someone with us. I immediately jumped up on the opportunity. I thought, “HECK YES, friends, concert, this is everything I need right now.” I, of course, ran to my brother, asking if he had the day off, and wondering if he would want to go to the concert as well. 


Attending the OneRepublic concert changed me in ways I least expected. Anyone can agree that going to concerts leaves them with a magical, fuzzy feeling. Somehow, this was different. I danced the whole time during the Fitz and the Tantrums setlist and felt so free. Wynter and I were the only people standing up for the majority of the time, but we did not let this bother us. We screamed every lyric and grinned the biggest smiles. I can remember thinking, “This is it.” I did not expect a concert to be a ‘wake up call’ but it happened to be mine. The concert gave me feelings and emotions I had been craving for. It pushed and motivated me to reach higher and know that life is too short. OneRepublic became my anthem. Days after, I kept playing songs over and over just to relive the moments. 


I can truly say I never thought OneRepublic would change my life, but they did. They pushed me to go after things I never thought possible. They give me emotions and desires I haven’t felt in a way. They became a moment in life that I needed to recognize all that is out there for me. My life blossomed and has given me more smiles and joys in the world.