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How to Enjoy Easter When You Are No Longer a Kid

Holidays are one of the many joys of life. Food, family, and fun usually surrounds these events. As a kid, you looked forward to each and every one, mainly because gifts also come with them. But, as a newly crowned adult, things have changed. And with Easter right around the corner, you may be dreading a full day of family with no Easter basket as a reward at the end of it. Here are some ways to still enjoy Easter when you are no longer a kid.

Make sure the little ones are having the best day ever

Now, this can only happen if there are little ones in your family. Or, you can make you’re 15-year-old brother pretend he is 2 because he usually acts like it anyway. When you were younger, there was most likely someone who made it their mission to keep you entertained and excited all day. Now, it is your turn. Play every little game they want to play. Sneak them more dessert when their parents aren’t looking, and then listen to their endless babble as they come down from their sugar high. Make sure a smile never leaves their little faces. And, by the end of the day, maybe some of their happiness will rub off on you, making you realize your day was as much fun as theirs.

Be the one in charge of hiding the eggs

Oh my, there is no Easter Bunny?! Once you get over the trauma of your parents lying to you for a good portion of your life, step up and become the Easter Bunny for your family this year. Go all out. If you use real eggs, paint them to make Picasso proud. If you use fake, stuff them full of the best candy and toys out there—you know, the stuff you never got as a kid. If you have very small children in your family, throw them out in the lawn and help them pick them up. They will get so excited over every egg they pick up, even if they did not really look for it. If you have older children in your family, hide those eggs like they are worth a million dollars. Make the hunt the best and most challenging Easter egg hunt the world has ever seen. And, maybe, just maybe, you will enjoy watching your cousins struggle to find that last egg.

Eat too much food that you feel sick

I mean this happens at almost every holiday, right?

Make little Easter baskets for your relatives

Of course, every holiday has some sort of gift involved. Although you may not be receiving one, the real joy in gifts is giving, right? So, make little baskets for your relatives. It does not have to be much; it does not even need to be in a basket. Just giving a little gift to the people who always gave one to you is bound to make the day enjoyable. But, if the joy of gifting does not make you enjoy the day, your grandmother’s guilty face for not making you a basket when you made her one could be pretty enjoyable and make you the best grandchild she has. 

Courtney Morstatt is a Professional Writing student at Kutztown University. 
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