Her Campus: Sparking Self Growth

With a week left in the semester, I wanted to write about my experience with Her Campus. Although Her Campus was brand new this year at Kutztown University, I would say we had a very successful year. We learned a lot as an organization which will help us improve for next year. Her Campus has given so many of us a voice and this is so important while learning and growing at college. This semester, Her Campus gave me the voice to speak about an issue that is very important to me. I could voice my opinions and educate those who read my articles on Native American culture. This topic first interested me when I took a Native American Women Writers course and learned about the culture and society of Native American. I was infuriated by much of what I learned which sparked me to continue to educate myself on specific topics pertaining to the culture. As the course came to an end, I was informed about a possible independent study regarding Indigenous issues using Her Campus as my writing platform. I immediately knew this would be an amazing opportunity to teach others through my words so I decided to take on the challenge.

While part of the reason I am writing is to complete credit hours for my minor, I can honestly say that I have learned so much. I am happy that I could educate myself on topics that many don’t know about. Self-education is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself. Finding the thing that sparks your interest may be difficult at first, but if you continue to learn about diverse and controversial topics you will find your passion.To some, it may seem strange that I care so much being that I am not Native American but speaking out for others when they cannot is essential in this world. Maybe my articles have not reached those who need to see them, but I still use my knowledge to talk to others about what I have learned.

I hope my journey can ignite something within those who care to learn, but if not, at least I can say that I learned something new each week by reading articles and then being able to write about them and give my thoughts. Her Campus has given me so many opportunities and I can’t wait to see what the new school year brings for HC.


Xoxo Christina