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Happiness is a simple yet complex feeling. We tend to find happiness through small things such as our favorite music, show, or people. Though we can just as easily lose our happiness. Stress or simply having a bad day leads to a feeling of uneasiness and overall puts us in a bad mood. Which can sometimes last for days. 

When you do feel happiness it’s the best feeling. Happiness can be described in many ways but for me, it’s a warm feeling of being content. The feeling you get when nothing else is on your mind, since your focus shifts away from your problems. I prefer the happiness I get from being surrounded by my friends as we laugh about simple things. 

Lately, I find myself wondering how to maintain my happiness. During these times where it’s hard to connect with friends in person due to social distancing and conflicting schedules, I find myself not as happy. Online classes lead to many hours of spending time alone even when you’re not sitting in front of a computer screen. As someone who feels happy when meeting up with their friends, it’s hard to isolate. 

Everyone should take a minute to check on themselves. It’s okay to not be happy at times but taking breaks to evaluate how we are feeling is a must. If we are not happy then we must reflect on what we can do to change that. Do we need to watch a favorite show, listen to music, or simply step away from our desks? I know it can be hard to step away from the root of what is making you unhappy especially when worries are clouding your mind. 

Take those worries and remind yourself that it will be okay, you will get through it all. You are human and shouldn’t push through without taking care of your mental health. As the semester continues, regardless of where it leads us, we must remember to take special care of ourselves and to indulge in things that make us happy. Hold onto the feeling and make sure to always find happiness so you can move forward.

Professional Writing Major and Social Media Theory & Strategy Minor with a love for books and music.
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