Green Tea or Super Tea?

Tea is a multipurpose herbal agent that is made by infusing dried crushed leaves with boiling hot water. Tea helps out so many people daily and is used for many other things, besides the obvious use for sickness... Because of this, I have always been a big fan of what a power-packed cup of it can do. Recently I have gotten back into collecting different kinds of teas. From ginger to orange blossom, the range is endless and one that will always remain a favorite of mine is green tea.

Most days I start my day with green tea and recently I've been noticing an improvement in my overall wellness. It could quite possibly be from all the junk food I have abandoned and more days spent in the gym, but I would still think some credit goes to my consistent use of the green drink. So I did my research and came up with 8 reasons why green tea is really a super tea. 

  1. 1. More Energy

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    Green tea can provide an energy boost over consistent use. If you are someone who does not like the jitteriness or digestion problems that come from coffee, try green tea!

  2. 2. Cancer Fighting Antioxidants

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    EGCG, green tea’s strongest antioxidant, is able to help kill cancer cells through destruction of the cells’ mitochondria.

  3. 3. Fat Burner

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     EGCG has also been shown to boost the body’s metabolism. Green tea also affects the hormones in a positive way, which results in the body breaking down more fat to use for energy. 

  4. 4. Stress Reducer

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     Studies have shown that EGCG in green tea has a soothing effect on the body and helps reduce production of stress chemicals

  5. 5. Improves Dental Health

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    Green tea has an antimicrobial, antioxidant-rich formulation that has proven to prevent bad breath, reduce cavities and improve gum health.

  6. 6. Improves Hair Appearance

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    The electrons in green tea help create shiny looking hair and you can accomplish this by using the green tea as a hair rinse.

  7. 7. Skincare Benefits

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    Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that will reduce fine lines and sun damage on the skin, and by using it under sunscreen, you can also prevent skin cancer! Green tea is also packed with catechins, which have been proven to be effective at killing acne-causing bacteria.

  8. 8. UTI Prevention

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    If you have ever experienced one, you know it is one of the worst things ever! Studies have shown that drinking up to 3 cups per day can alleviate bladder inflammation in addition to providing antimicrobial effects on UTIs caused by E. coli.