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Graduation Frustration

Graduation is happening soon and I’m terrified. This first semester of my last year in college is flying by faster than I ever thought it would. Graduation gives me so many things to think about: my internship, graduate school, finding a job, moving out of a house with my friends, and most likely back into my house with my parents for a while. I had my last meeting with my academic advisor this week and hearing him say that I was on track and set for graduation in May was a relief but it was also so scary. Friends and family keep asking me if I have found a job yet and then in my head the only response I can come up with at first is: Am I supposed to have found one already? I also have always wanted to start grad school right after graduating but in the past couple of months, I decided to take a year off. Well when I met with my advisor, he said that no, I shouldn’t do that. He said apply now, and do it ASAP. So now after finally thinking that I knew what I wanted, I’m stuck again. My mom always gets on me about it too. She keeps asking what I’m doing after graduation and if I am going to apply and if I know how to do everything and if I have all of my requirements for graduation. It gets annoying at times but I know she’s only asking because she cares. 

So, meanwhile, everyone else is worried about graduation for me, I just kind of don’t want to even think about it. To me it means leaving my friends and having to figure so many things out all over again. I just want to keep having fun, and not worry about school and after school. I’m going to let everyone else keep worrying about it for me for a while, and tell them that everything is fine. Maybe they will stop asking then. 

I’m not really dreading graduation, and part of me is really excited, but for now I’m going to put it in the back of my mind a little while longer while I can. 


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