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Nothing was ever enough.

He always found a way to tear you down, 

Shoving you down the dark abyss.

They say the pain would eventually leave,

To smile and move on,

But his words continued to torment you.


You could hear his voice even in your sleep,

Dragging you deeper into the darkest depths of your mind.

You longed to make it go away,

To silence his voice.

You gave him all of your love,

But nothing was ever enough. 


As the leaves turned brown and wilted away,

With a new year ahead, you relived those painful times. 

With each recollection, those memories sharpened their edges.

They fought against the soft tissues of your heart,

Prickling it constantly.


You wanted to give up, 

To extinguish the pain deep inside you.

But as the buds started to bloom,

You found yourself longing to see the flowers come alive once more.

The sweetness of your voice now filled your head,

Reassuring and encouraging you to go on.

It pushed out his foul voice,

Forbidding him from continuing to take over.


Now as you stand at your prime,

You can say goodbye.

Now you know that you were always enough,

It was him who would never be enough.

Professional Writing Major, Social Media Theory & Strategy and Public Relations Minor with a love for books and music.
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