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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kutztown chapter.

do you have a crush

or is she just pretty?

are you in love

or is the warmth in her hands just keeping yours from freezing over?

does her smile make your knees weak

or is it just anxiety?

why do you keep thinking you like anyone?

no one has ever shown you what it’s like to love;

what the hell do you even know about anything?

are you even bisexual like you say you are? 

you haven’t been with a girl and barely any guys either—

but that doesn’t stop the butterflies from flying in rapid circles before they finally land in your stomach acid and dissolve into pretty little diamonds,

like the ones you swallow in your throat,

because she is a pretty little diamond,

and while she can’t possibly see it,

you have been admiring it since the day you laid eyes on her.

Alisha Mesa

Kutztown '22

Writer, Poet, Musician, and Gamer. Sun and Moon Taurus, Rising Scorpio.