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Growing up I always wanted to be a daddy’s girl

like the ones in the books I always read 

or the ones I would see in steakhouses with my mother

but he always cared more about what was on TV

and the deer that frolicked in the woods 

and never knew anything about me.

He never said I love you

or told me happy birthday

or spent any time with me

When I was younger I tried hard

I went to woods with him

on his blue four-wheeler 

But one day he just left me

without letting me come

when I tried to

And then it got worse

When the telemarketers called the house

and I saw him attack my sister

and much later the same thing occurred

over a plate of canned beans

but to me this time

And I realized I’d never be a Daddy’s girl.

Jessi Walker

Kutztown '26

I am a "first year sophomore" student at Kutztown University, and I am double majoring in English and English: Professional Writing. I grew up in a small town called Strasburg, Virginia on a farm that was five miles outside of town right next to the Appalachian mountains. I am a member of Shoofly Magazine as apart of the board of fiction readers, and a member of the English Club. I am an advocate for mental health, trauma, and online grooming awareness in my free time. I am a queer woman that uses any pronouns, and I am an advocate for LGBTQ rights as well. Other activities I enjoy is consuming many types of media, playing video games, and performing in theater.