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We all live busy lives. Whether that be school, a job back home, or personal obligations to attend to, time management can be difficult. Having enough time to deal with the sometimes large college workload can be overwhelming. It took me a while to figure out a plan to have enough time to get all of my assignments finished. I’m here to share some of my time management tips to hopefully help you in moments of struggle.

Establish a routine! After all of my classes are finished for the day, I check out my planner to make sure that I can plan my time out accordingly. When I know I have a heavy workload ahead of me, I simply start with the “easiest” assignments first, or the ones that I know won’t take up a lot of time. I then save the “hardest” or longest assignments for last.  By doing this I can allot more time to my harder assignments so that they get the most attention.  

Don’t procrastinate! This was something that I struggled with a lot during my freshman year. I learned from it, of course, but it certainly was not a fun time. Don’t wait to do assignments. The faster you get them done, the more free time you have afterwards.  

Lastly, make sure you’re adequately prepared for a night of a lot of work. Get enough sleep, stay hydrated, and make sure you’ve eaten. Make sure there’s nothing that could slow down your productivity or create distractions.  

If you apply these tips, you’ll have yourself a stable time management routine. Just be sure to have enough time planned out for yourself to attend to your schoolwork, keep a planner and actively use it, and don’t procrastinate. College can be difficult and draining. It can be hard to find motivation to stop watching Netflix and get up and be productive. I totally get it.  However, having the proper time management skills can make college so much easier, but only if you take the time to apply yourself!

Morgan Harrar

Kutztown '23

Hey friends! My name is Morgan Harrar. I attend Kutztown University with a major in Communication Studies with a focus in social media. I'm excited to share my thoughts, advice, and opinions with you all. I enjoy dancing for the Kutztown Dance Team, photography, biking, and fashion!
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