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college parties are not for me.

note: this is a pre-covid experience! 


rose gold sneakers and a tight miniskirt rush ahead of me,

she mindlessly forgets the bitter frost biting at her pale legs,

and suddenly we’re sweating in the dim multicolored lights of someone’s unfinished basement.


music blares loudly as my friends somehow manage to converse,

but I stand idly in the corner, trying to form thoughts as I down this red concoction in my hand.


minutes pass and I can’t bear the heated burden burning in my chest,

anxiety fuels my feet out the front door of the frat house.

my eyes fail to adjust to the unforgiving winds blowing through this college town, dragging hot tears down my frozen cheeks.


i’d come to one simple conclusion by the end of the night;

college parties are not for me.

Alisha Mesa

Kutztown '22

Writer, Poet, Musician, and Gamer. Sun and Moon Taurus, Rising Scorpio.
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