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Why We Need A Relationship Like Jim and Pam’s

Television romances are common. But what’s more common is how consumed we are with them. We want to believe we are these couples who, even while encountering more drama and conflict than we can ever imagine, still seem to remain perfect in every way.

I grew up watching the blissful moments of Full House’s Uncle Jesse and Becky, The OC’s Seth and Summer and even became envious of the Red and Pink Power Rangers’ relationship. Regardless of the challenges these on-air couples met along the way, they gave me hope in love.

However, the television couple who made it clear exactly what I wanted out of a relationship was The Office’s Jim and Pam (Beasley) Halpert.

These two haven’t had a flawless relationship by any means. And that’s what I most admire about them. I loved that the producers showed the not-so-cheerful moments they endured. At the start of the series, you could tell Jim and Pam would get together at some point. Their chemistry and playfulness made my heart melt and still does to this day.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve never been much of the ‘lovey dovey’ type. I prefer pushing buttons and being a little bit of a pain. All with good intentions, I will add. Finding someone who can put up with this attitude and dishing a little of my own medicine back has become a top priority in my search for a love like Jim and Pam’s.

This couple knows how to have a good time. They work as a team. Like tennis partners taking turns and trusting the other with half of the game. It’s all about give and take, making sure no one is carrying more of the weight. Equals.

They’re goofy, playful and feed off of each other’s weirdness. Pam’s an art geek and Jim’s the office clown. Understanding that each person has their own unique level of quirkiness is essential. There’s no way you can have everything in common or that they will never do anything to make you tick.

Look for a friend in your current or future partner.  Support them and be someone they can count on without hesitation. Have fun and try to embrace the less than exciting moments as well. Not everything is going to be fine and dandy- in fact, it will probably be boring and stressful at times. Even though Jim and Pam make up a fictional couple, their lessons on love couldn’t be more real.

If you haven’t watched the show, I would highly suggest you start with episode one. Watch the full transformation of the cutest, most genuine relationship on television. And when you get to the ‘Niagara’ episode, be sure to have a box of tissues within reach. You’re going to need them. 


Brea Cudney is currently a senior at the University of Kansas, majoring in Communication Studies, with a minor in Journalism. Brea is an avid fan of The Office, addicted to pickles, obsessed with squirrels and a lover of all things crimson and blue. Rock Chalk!
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