Why the New Glossier Play Launch is Kind Of a Flop

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a little bit obsessed with Glossier. Not only do I have many of their skincare and makeup products, but I also follow their social medias on the reg. With this being said, I am always in the loop about when a new product or launch comes around. However, this new Glossier Play launch kind of took me, and many other Glossier lovers, by surprise. So many people are talking about the launch and all the products that were released with it… and they aren’t saying good things. After really looking into this launch, I have come to the conclusion that it’s a total flop for Glossier, and here’s why. 

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First of all, I didn’t even know what was going on when Glossier announced this new line of makeup. We all know that Glossier has a huge fanbase for their brand, and a large portion of that fanbase are ride-or-die, Glossier-products-only fanatics. Usually, Glossier kind of hypes up their audience a little bit over social media when they drop a big product or launch. For example, when they released their Lask Slick mascara, they posted 14 Instagram photos within 10 days of the launch. When they launched Glossier Play, they only posted two photos within the same amount of time (yes, I’m annoying and just had to look it up to prove my point), and after posting those two photos they went back to posting their regular, aesthetically pleasing pictures of flowers and organized makeup shelves. It was so bizarre. They said they had been working on this new line for two years, yet they don’t seem excited about it at all.

Another reason why I have beef with this new line is because it doesn’t fit their image AT ALL. Their motto has always been “skin first, makeup second,” promoting the very natural, no-makeup makeup look—and people love it! That is why Glossier has such an incredible fanbase; in a time when caked-on makeup, beating your face, and contouring to the gods was the hottest makeup trend (full respect if you do any of these things!), Glossier spoke to the people who didn’t want to hop on that bandwagon. I remember feeling so hesitant to wear any foundation due to the fact that I love my freckles. Glossier was the only brand I knew of that promised me they wouldn’t cover them up, but rather embrace them! They promoted self-love within your natural beauty. So why would they come out with a new makeup line featuring neon eyeliners, high-shine bold lip lacquers, and glitter gels? It just feels wrong.

People haven’t been reacting well to the new launch either. Many of the comments they are receiving on social media have been anything but good. Customers have been using adjectives such as “underwhelming,” “unoriginal,” and “overdone” to describe Glossier Play. In addition, many people are upset about the fact that the glitter in their glitter gel is not biodegradable (which also does not fit with their brand image). One comment even suggested that instead of coming out with an underwhelming launch, they should just “give the girls what they actually want—worldwide shipping.”

Listen, I’m not saying that I am disappointed or upset with Glossier for this launch. I’m just confused. Their customers really connected with their brand personality, and I am sad for Glossier because I think they lost that connection by releasing these extravagant makeup products. No one asked for neon Glossier products. And to be honest, I don’t think anybody wants them. I love you Glossier, but this new makeup launch was just a fail.


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