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I’m not saying that my cat isn’t the best cat. I’m saying I can’t scientifically prove that she’s the best cat.

I met her when I was 7-years-old and she was a newborn kitten. She grew from a runty white little rat into a giant ball of fluff named Rosie. She’s eleven years old and practically an old lady now.

Since it’s always the first thing people ask, she’s a ragdoll mutt. Which means she looks and acts like a ragdoll cat but healthier.

Of course, the question is why? I’m under no illusions that loving a cat is subjective. But Rosie is an extremely perceptive and superbly beautiful cat. I’ve loved her as my cat grandma throughout all of my formative years. She’s intelligent and has so much attitude and affection in her that she maintains throughout everything from thunderstorms to screaming children.

Also, she’s just a giant cuddly puffball. How can you not love that?

I'm a creative writing and journalism double major and a freshman. This is my first year writing for her campus.
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