Why Garnier’s New Natural Product Line Changes The Game

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Does it ever concern you that the majority of people apply products to their luscious locks, precious faces, and one-of-a-kind bodies without a clue what ingredients go into them? Might I add that your body soaks up the products you apply! This information should not come as a surprise... that’s why it blows my mind that people don’t look at ingredient lists on items they purchase.

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I am well aware that people are busy, they have places to be, people to see! However, I can also assume that most people don’t want their bodies filled with chemicals. People want their products to do what they claim to do! Unfortunately, millions of brands make claims that are untrue. If more people understood how to read ingredients, they would understand that many claims don’t match up with the ingredients. This would save everyone SO MUCH MONEY!

How many times have you bought a product to help with a skin issue or hair issue, and you felt like it made the issue worse? You’re not imagining it!!! Some products are designed for immediate satisfaction that wears off quickly in order to compel consumers to use a lot of the product, eventually run out, and continue to buy it. You feel as if you need more and more to guarantee that a product continues “working.” Don’t believe that all companies have the right intentions. Many do not- they want your money and only your money.

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I encourage you, look at your beautifully scented lotions, “soothing” face masks, etc. Lemme guess; one of the first ingredients is alcohol. Shocking! Your skin is drier the next day after application, you say?! “Apply more,” the corporate devil whispers in your ear. Don’t waste your time & money- spend the extra five minutes at the store examining the product! You’ll thank me.

However, I'm done criticizing- I have to give some praise. Some brands are listening to the aware consumers! What if I told you there’s a reasonably priced brand out there that’s sold at most drugstores that has caught on? A company that doesn’t play the manipulative beauty game of trickery & illusion? A company that is straight forward... they break down the ingredients and what they mean. A company that focuses on creating products with the most natural ingredients and yet still long shelf lives. Trust me, there’s plenty of spendy organic, natural beauty brands, and buying a product that you have to keep in the fridge and throw out after four weeks is NOT convenient. This brand does not do that. That is the reasoning behind the majority of their new product line being 96% naturally derived and not 100% derived. They are made without parabens, silicones, dyes, or sulfates (I won’t get all sciencey on y’all, just know that these are the bad guys. They aren’t necessary, and they strip your skin, hair, dry it out, and do plenty of other nasty things).

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For the moment you all have been waiting for- the new and improved brand that is embracing the natural movement- Garnier, RAISE YOUR HAND!!! You have upped your game Missy! From facial spray, to hair masks, to micellar water, they’ve got you covered. And the best part? Their products work!!! You know why? Because they care.

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Garnier stands out. Garnier wants long term satisfaction from their customers. They’ve created products that work because of the amazing ingredients they incorporate. Some of these include rose water that helps soothe the skin, green tea that helps balance it, as well as aloe, which is extremely hydrating. Not only are their products effective, they are gentle! Products do not need to be abrasive and overly-drying in order to improve your skin. Garnier’s natural SkinActive line feels great and works even better. Thank you Garnier for going where no mass market cosmetic brand has gone before. Now our money can go towards products that work with us and not against us. We needed you before we even realized it.