What Your Dreams Mean


                Dreams: the strange world within our heads where all hell breaks loose. Often times you’ll wake up and think: where did THAT come from?? Maybe it was about thousands of spiders, or constantly being chased from something but not being capable of running. Whatever it is, weeks later you’ve already forgotten that strange vision inside your head—and maybe it’s for the best. Other times, our dreams slip our mind hours or even minutes after waking up. But, have you ever considered writing them down in a dream diary? There are several benefits to keeping a dream diary, but first, we should first crack down on what exactly our dreams mean.


Planes/means of transportation: Dreaming of planes or being in a means of transportation and not knowing the destination or getting to it, can mean that you are wondering where you are headed in life. Is your mind lost in a state of mystery and curiosity?


Flying: This type of dream is a hit or miss. You’ve either had it several times in your life or never at all. Dreaming of the ability of flight suggests high hopes, feeling in control, or that you are overlooking or avoiding something. Maybe a secret passion or love? A relationship problem? A new adventure coming your way?

Death: This type of dream is often dark and brings on sad emotions, whether the death is real or not, and it may indicate that a phase in your life has ended, or perhaps something new in your life is beginning. While sad, look at this type of dream as a new sign up change—which can definitely be an exciting thing!


Driving: Haven’t we all had this one? Either you dream you’re stuck in traffic or barely making that red light in a busy intersection, reckless driving means that you could be making irresponsible decisions. Take this dream as a sign to hit the brakes and take a new perspective or a pause to figure things out! Such as trying new study, eating, or exercise habits!


Teeth Falling Out: This one is definitely cringy. Going along with dreams about braces or just plain old teeth breaking, this means that you are concerned about appearance or that you have a fear of growing old. Whichever it is, take a look in the mirror and know what a boss you are. Self-love is most important—you go girl!

Zombies: Unless you’re a major Walking Dead fan, zombie dreams are terrifying no matter how fast those zombies are going. It may be that you are feeling lost or unsure about the future. As well as having a fear of the future or a major change. Take a breath, forget the zombies (they aren’t real!—thankfully), and go with the flow!

Spiders: Whether it’s one or thousands (*cue internal crying) dreaming of spiders may suggest that someone is telling lies. If this dream pops in your head, shake it off, keep your head high, and rise above.


                Now that you have some insight as to what your crazy sub-consciousness is trying to tell you, why is it important to keep a dream diary? Personally, I find dreams to be fascinating, and I never pass up the chance to get into the weird dream-related conversation. Because nothing is better than talking to a group of friends saying, “oh yeah this one time I had a dream that…” and you go on and on about how your grandma was trying to make cookies for Christmas, but you got lost in her neighborhood while being chased or how you had a dream that you could fly in the clouds, feeling on top of the world. But sometimes it is hard to remember that kind of thing.

                A dream diary is just what you need! It isn’t easy to remember every day but if you wake up and find yourself feeling very dazed and confused by the events that just took place in your alternate universe, write them down! Then, later that day or a couple weeks later, you look back and connect your dreams back to an event that happened, or just laugh at the weird things you wrote down!

                Whatever your purpose for a dream diary would be, don’t be afraid to try it out! You could put it in the notes in your phone, get a journal by your bed—whatever you please. The next time you dream, you can write it down and look back for a laugh or perhaps to think, “okay where the hell did that come from??”


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