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Springtime at KU brings with it rejuvenation and so much beauty from those bleak and ridiculously cold winter months. From the blooming tulips and trees to fresh green grass, the campus comes alive with students tabling in front of Wescoe and seen working on homework outside in the warm weather. Even with the construction that surrounds our campus, beauty can be found, so enjoy this panoramic view of KU.

If you haven’t walked behind JRP it’s time to check it out. Not only do you get to see a lovely view of the football stadium and Campanile, but a far quieter walk to class from the busy street view.

Many times you can see students with their hammocks hung up near Potter Lake doing homework or simply enjoying the weather and is a perfect venue for an escape to a little private oasis here on campus.

Most don’t recognize the beautiful sights hidden behind Bailey Hall with full green trees and winding sidewalks that lead to buildings and random destinations for the exploration types.

We all know the ominous outline of Fraser Hall which can be seen from all major highways leading into Lawrence and is a beacon to the university, but lounging beneath its lush green lawn and benches may be a bit more beneficial to us collegiettes.

As we circle around and head slightly off the main campus we find ourselves at the iconic Allen Fieldhouse home to such tradition and legacy unknown to any other Big 12 team and is proudly boasted on by all students at KU.

Up to Jayhawk Blvd most of the main buildings that students (sadly) see as a second homes are visible and easily accessible to all who enter Jayhawk territory.

Daisy Hill may just have the best view of our beloved campus and is where I leave you to admire all those red-roofed limestone buildings that house not only our academic career, but a great sense of ourselves as a Jayhawk. 

As a Disney, dog, and superhero enthusiast I live for the outdoors (particularly my homeland foothills) and the unreal where adventures and the ridiculous are quite obtainable and/or practical.
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