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Trend for spring: Skirts-look

Everyone seems ready for winter to leave and spring days with sunny weather to come and meet us. I found myself going to the closet and trying to pick an appropriate look for the perfect weather. Then, skirts, which were there for the whole winter, captured my eyes. They can be worn with any casual top to fit this perfect weather. I believe skirts can give you every look you are trying to capture, and now it is the time to get away from the heavy layers of clothes!


The first skirt in my closet (one of my favorites) is this pink skirt. The light-pink color makes the girly looking way, but when you match with a casual top, it gives you a skirt look that is not so girly. If you are looking to use a shirt in a less girly way, then, I strongly recommend this way of matching clothes. A skirt with casual top is one thing you should try for this perfect weather in spring. 

The next skirt is a so basic type of skirt-look. It seems quite simple, but this matching is what I always do for summer and spring. Abercrombie Fitch’s basic t-shirts in bright colors match well with a blue kind of jean looking skirt. I found yellow t-shirts are a good items for any skirt-look, and especially with jean-typed color skirts. 

Then, there is a classic way of looking skirt. I like the way of classic looking skirts because it is easy matching with casual top. Any types of basic t-shirts will fit well with classic cut skirts. 

The last floral skirt is the top of my favorites. Floral skirts look best when I wear it with my t-shirt tucked in, and usually the t-shirts with white-typed color fit well with the skirt. The floral printed skirt gives you bright and active image look, which is one thing we definitely need for spring.

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