Take A Chance On Yourself

Ya know... it’s a funny world we live in. No one has absolutely any clue what the hell they’re doing. However, the majority of the time, individuals feel like they’re the only ones who don’t have the slightest idea what they’re doing in this crazy, wild life. For the longest time, I thought everyone else but me had their shit together. Man, was I wrong! People are just really freaking good at faking it! Everyone, and I mean everyone is faking it at least a little bit. And in most cases, a lotta bit.


Fake it ‘til you make it. The phrase you hear a lot, but don’t always take to heart. There’s so, so much truth to this phrase, yet it’s so easy to ignore these words and turn to tendencies that leave us stagnant.

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Confidence goes a long way.


People love confidence. People are attracted to it. Think about it; it’s not difficult to put trust in someone who is confident in themselves, their capabilities, and their potential. People find safety and security while in the presence of confidence.


It’s easy to want to be confident. The challenge begins when attempting to incorporate it into our daily lives. It’s so much easier said than done. It takes no time to second guess yourself, underestimate your potential, and sell yourself short. But those self-destructive thoughts won’t get you anywhere. You gotta put in work to see results. Constant reminders, continual effort. You have to stay on mental game, and truly, truly believe it when you say you deserve to succeed and will succeed. You can live the life you want, but it won’t come easy. Retrain your mind, reinvent your life.


There’s no harm in shutting down your limitations. Prove your self-doubt wrong. I dare you.  

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If you’re unsure whether confidence can truly change your life, try it on for a day. Hold your head up high, look people dead in the eyes, and carry yourself in a poised and strong manner. Walk with intention and a firm belief that you own the place, wherever you may be. Repeat to yourself that you’re worthy and beautiful until you whole-heartedly believe it.


Look around you. People will address you differently. You’ll receive more opportunities. You will find yourself taking initiative. Applying for the job you never thought you’d get hired for in the past, producing more quality work, talking to the person you used to think was way out of your league, not being concerned in the slightest when you trip, or even fall on your face (physically or metaphorically), and fighting for what you want.


Just try it. See how you feel. You won’t want to go back to your old ways, because those old norms didn’t propel you forward. They weren’t daring, nor did they have your best intentions in mind. Don’t let yourself stand in your own way. Take a chance on yourself. If you don’t, why would anyone else want to?

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