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Studying Abroad in America’s Heartland


This summer is one for the ages, I think. Wake up, go to the beach, eat a gourmet meal, sip on a fancy drink and explore native night life.

Of course you’re probably wondering where I’m studying abroad at for this summer, and, to be frank, it tops all of the top seven places you should visit in the world while travelling: Lawrence, Kansas. Yeah, that’s right. My summer is being spent right here in America’s heartland, happily wasting away in the Midwestern humidity.

So the beach I was referring to was South Park near the children’s wading pool, those gourmet meals I harped on are microwave mac 'n' cheese (and the occasional/weekly trip to Fuzzy’s Taco shop AKA heaven-on-Earth), my fancy drinks are half-priced martini’s at the Eldridge while enjoying some quality comedy and the nightlife I’ve witnessed has been repressed by large amounts of alcoholic beverages and then Tweeted about later (follow me for a good time @Sueperstition).

Things aren’t all bad. I don’t need your sympathy. I’ve made new friends and had new adventures and I’m slowly integrating into being a “Lawrence Townie.” It’s a lot of hard work, I assure you and probably more stimulating than studying abroad in cool places like England or Spain. Giving money to the various homeless people on the street and chatting to them about their dog that doesn’t exist or visiting a museum that’s lingered in plain sight but never had a purpose until you’ve walked up and down Mass Street six times without successfully going into any of the stores.

There’s more to come from me, this is just the beginning of my adventures in the Free State. There are restaurants to taste, parks to explore, dogs to pet… quite honestly my possibilities are endless.

Spanish major at the University of Kansas & Harry Potter enthusiast, writer, teaching counselor for CLO.
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