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Believing in yourself is a hard thing to do

Especially when your dreams seem far from coming true,

Good karma is over-due,

And self-doubt keeps knocking on the door,

I just can’t even the score.

How do I continue on

When the marathon just feels too damn long?

My load is heavy;

I begin to feel I don’t belong,

There’s been a break in the Leavy,

Every cry for help comes out wrong.

It’s like I’m drowning,

There are boulders in my chest

The anxiety feels unliftable;

It’s one weight that can’t be bench-pressed.

Despite all this, there’s something that filters through

Could it be my life vest?

This journey is raw,

A long process full of ebb and flow,

Looking in from the outside

No one would ever know.

Backward I sometimes slide,

Knocked back by each blow,

I can’t help but feel I’m traveling without a guide.

Through the fire

I must go.

However, confident in myself I remain

Fear cannot have a long reign

I’ve decided to speak my truth.

We have to know we’re not alone,

And we owe it to ourselves to live more than halfway,

Society must take the cue:

We can’t continue to disbelieve when women say

Me too.




Rape Abuse Incest National Network (sexual assault information, help, and other resources)

24 Hour Hotline: 1-800-656-4673

After reading Her Campus for a couple years, Zoe has decided to give it a shot.
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