Six YA Books We Need In Theaters ASAP


            I know the dystopian future thing is like so overdone, but just give me this last one, please. Just this one and we can be done, I swear. The premise is this: The Society tells you who you will marry, what you will do for a living, what you do with your free time, and even when you’ll die. All of these things have been carefully calculated to create the perfectly curated life, an optimal and idealistic lifespan to bring peace and harmony to all who partake in it. Those who break the rules become known as aberrations.

            Cassia ends up being matched to her long-time best friend Xander. When she takes a chip home with information about him, giddy over their match, she’s stunned to see another boy show up on the screen, an aberration she also knows called Ky. Suddenly everything she previously believed is called into question and Cassia’s heart is tugged toward the dangerous rebellion of Ky’s allure. A lot of people hated the book because it reminded them of The Giver, but if you’re down for some predictable love triangles and some fun action along the way, it might be worth it to pull that stick from your butt and enjoy the damn movie.

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The Mediator

            Bear with me here: Suze can see dead people. One of the dead people she can see happens to be a mega hot Spanish rancher who died in her house and haunts her bedroom. Suze is a no-bullshit kind of gal, raising eyebrows in quaint Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. Her brother thinks she’s a drug dealer, her principal shares her ability, a gaggle of teenagers are trying to revenge murder the biggest nerd in her class, she’s falling in love with a ghost with a dark history, and there’s some time traveling that happens. Oh, and Paul, who is also a mediator and will do anything it takes to win Suze’s heart, including exorcising her boyfriend. There are points in the series where there literally seems to be no way out, but somehow Suze always comes out on top. Also, it was written by the author of The Princess Diaries so…

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The Raven Cycle

            Psychics and ghosts and Camaros, oh my! Quick pitch for this one: Gansey is a history nerd obsessed with discovering a long lost Welsh king. Noah died for this quest and he’s still hanging out to see it through. Ronan dreams stuff and can take it into the real world. Adam’s got a tough life at home and is determined to prove himself in a world of aristocracy and boarding schools. Blue is a non-psychic girl living in a family of clairvoyant women with a kiss that promises to kill her true love.

          There’s other stuff in there too, like an insane history professor, dream horror nightmares, an entire festival dedicated to just blowing shit up, and some sneaky gays. The tension is really just too much and the action is always intense. There’s four books, so let’s draw this one out and get all the details right, okay?

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Anna and the French Kiss

            This chick Anna ends up at this prestigious boarding school in Paris that she’s somehow NOT psyched for, but then she meets this British guy who actually is an American citizen and wow suddenly Paris looks great. The catch? St. Clair (aforementioned Brit) has a girlfriend. Also, Anna’s new best friend is sort of in love with him. Still, there’s a natural chemistry neither can deny and Anna finds herself in a whirlwind of new experiences, adventure, and forbidden love. Also, St. Clair is British. This has all the makings for a cheesy rom-com and I need to see it played out on screen. I also dare you to not envision Harry Styles à la Gotta Be You music video. I dare you.

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To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

            Fans of John Green, listen up. Who isn’t into a fake dating scheme that turns into romance? It all begins with a box of love letters never meant to be sent, stuffed in a hat box beneath Lara Jean's bed. Suddenly, they've all been mailed and Lara Jean is trying to save face. A classic case of quiet, family-centered Lara Jean reminiscing on the easier days of her middle school career and using past friendships to her advantage. Also, she’s trying to make her older sister’s ex boyfriend fall in love with her, which is a little complicated. There’s some tension between the cool crowd and soft Lara Jean, but it’s all great and worth it. Even when things take a nose dive for the worst, you keep the hope for a brighter day because if anyone is worth it, Lara Jean is. She will become your baby and you will fight for her poor broken heart.

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Gallagher Girls

            Teenage girls going to a boarding school to become spies. Literally, what more could you ask for? A kick-ass foursome take their sleuthing skills and apply it to a neighborhood boy who picks up an interest in the main character, Cammie. And then there are four other books where the girls get into other precarious situations, such as an invasion by an all-boys school for assassins, a presidential election, an intense kidnapping, and really heavy hypnosis and memory loss. This series turned into a movie would keep you at the edge of your seat. So go protest Disney to actually do something with the movie rights they purchased nearly ten years ago.

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