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Rugged Men: What’s Not To Love?

If there’s one thing that women are equally as guilty of as men are, it’s committing eye candy crime. This means that, yes, we’re checking you out, just like you’re checking us out. Except we, as females, are much more specific about who we choose for eye candy. Like, rugged men. We love rugged men.

Oh boy, I’d say this is a crowd favorite. If women were men— and thank goodness they aren’t— these are the types of men that we’d “cat call”. For those of you who don’t know, and I hope that’s not a lot of you, a rugged man is a man who is good with his hands, he can build, fix or mend just about anything, he’s usually covered in sweat or dirt and he’s usually doing something outside. Come on ladies, you know what I’m talking about. 

Personally, I like the classy yet punky, art boys that like good music and laugh at my terrible jokes. Muscles or not, if he’s a sweetheart, he’s my kind of guy… and personally, I like rugged men as well. Other women might love the cool nerds or the bad boys, the frat stars, or athletes. BUT I’m sorry, boyfriends and husbands, every woman is secretly eyeing the biceps, back muscles and butt of that construction worker, fireman, policeman, military man, mechanic, farm boy or fisherman that you just drove past on your way to dinner. What’s not to love about dirty jeans, a little scruff and a tool belt?

Although we are attractive to specific types of guys, I think one type of man we can all agree on, as a female population, is the one with muscles and a little roughness. So, even if construction workers, military men, firemen, policemen, fishermen, mechanics, farm boys or the like aren’t exactly your type… they’re still your type because of THAT RUGGED LOOK AND HIS SWEATY MUSCLES AND ROUGH HANDS THAT CAN FIX ANYTHING- AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT, LADIES? Just to be sure everyone knows what kind of men I’m talking about here, I’ve provided some pictures below, purely for scientific evidence…

This man on a magazine.

This Dutch military man from Pinterest.

Josh Duhamel in the movie Transformers in a uniform. It doesn’t matter that this is from a movie because, again… it’s Josh Duhamel in uniform.

You really thought that I could write this article without “stumbling” across a photo of Channing Tatum as a police officer? Psht. Thanks, again, Pinterest.

This Pinterest guy working on his car. Hello.

This farmer from google images. 

Last, these beautiful Pinterest firemen.

Even though these pictures were found online, you’ve all seen these kinds of men in real life, I’m sure. I just thought it’d be helpful to provide photographic evidence so that we could all be on the same page. So, I would like to close with a thank you to all the men who are out there doing hard work, serving their countries and communities and providing services as eye candy material. Thank you, truly.

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