Recap: I want to SPARK _____.

On Friday, SPARK* KU hosted an evening featuring performers and seven speakers with its mission to ignite all possibilities. As one of the staff members for this organization, I was able to hear inspiration talks from speakers and actually make this event happen. I am one of those people who set inspirational quotes as their phone background.  As much as I love being inspired and motivated, it was such a great opportunity for me to be part of this team. Here is the summary I wrote about each talk from the speakers.

Dan Deeble, a pastor of Heartland Community Church in Olathe, KS talked about doubting and questioning. He said that there are two kinds of doubts; good and bad. He said that while good doubts are humble, open, vulnerable and asks questions, bad doubts are arrogant, closed, calloused and makes statements. We all doubt about something in our life whether it’s about our school, career, or faith. He gave advice on how to deal with doubts. First, make a doubt list. Second, share your doubt. Third, doubt your doubt. Lastly, practice what you doubt.

Riddhiman Das, who is originally from India, really amazed me with what he has done so far in his life. Started programming at the age of 9, he worked at major technology companies such as Google and Facebook. He founded Galleon Labs in 2012 and developed EyeVerify, biometric software that verify the identity of mobile users using Eyeprints. He was awarded with 'Champions of Change' award by USA president Barack Obama in May of 2013. It just blew me away how he succeeded in such an early age in life and how he never gave up. (He is 24. I know right?)

Amy Long, the Associate Director of Greek Life and Leadership at SILC, talked about  taking risk on opportunities. She talked about how she wasn’t sure about accepting the job that was far away from home and she had no idea how it was going to be. However, she took a chance and went for the opportunity, which ended up giving her a great experience at her job. I struggle a lot whether I need to take on to this new opportunity for new experience but I get afraid of making mistakes. Her talk really motivated me to take a chance and go for it.

Genuine Imitation, a student acapella group here at KU performed few songs. I couldn’t close my mouth during their performance because they are so talented and I could see their passion for singing.

Dan Lowe was really creative with his talk. It was as if I was watching a performance art. He was talking about how people create new definitions on social media using hashtags, and he showed slides of people’s Instagram pictures with topics like lust, care, awareness, attention and world. It was quite interesting to see how people were using social media to create new definition for these words.

Cody Charles, the Associate Director for Academic Enrichment, talked about “How did I make it?” This probably was one of my favorite talks of the night. He talked about environment and challenges he had in his life; poverty, family influence, racial discrimination, and much more. It was really touching to listen to his story and how he had to be creative to make his reality.

Curtis Marsh, a Program Director of KU Info, had a great message with something fun to look at. He was juggling while he was talking, which made me nervous but it really made me focus more on what he was talking about. He talked how everyone is juggling something in there life, and perspective and balance is the key to remember. He also mentioned someone asking “how many blue cheese crumble it would take to fill up Anschutz” at KU Info, which made me laugh. And the one who asked that question was actually at the event, which was even funnier.

Dr. Shane Lopez, the Gallup Senior Scientist and Research Director of the Clifton Strengths Institute, talked about hope and loving your job. He said how we have to craft the jobs that make us happy. He gave five life design strategies that could help us. First, test-drive the future. Second, trust your gut. Third, play your strength. Fourth, craft your job. Last, shop for the right boss. He mentioned how many people in America were not engaged at their jobs and that they don’t love their job.

Well, that was not the case for me. I loved my job during this event, being able to connect with people before, during and after the event. Everything from planning the event to actually opening the event, it was a wonderful experience that I loved being part of. I seriously could talk for days how blessed I am after attending this event and especially being part of the team member. I wanted to share my experience with Her Campus KU readers so that they could be inspired and consider coming to next year’s event. 

What sparks you? Do you love getting inspired? Comment below and let us know!