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In December of 2019 I adopted a Westie Maltase from Craigslist. I had put a lot of time into this decision and it was not just a spur of the moment choice. I have always been a huge dog lover and was missing the constant love that dogs give. My life was lacking structure and I found myself wanting to take on a new adventure. I also knew that the dog I was going to adopt had to be the right fit for my lifestyle. I did a lot of research and met with a lot of dogs to guarantee that it was a right fit for both the dog and I. 

I have now had my dog for over a year and it was the best decision that I have ever made and changed my life for the better. However, with this all being said there are some moments that make it tough where you have to put your dog before your needs. 

two brown and white dogs in a field outside
Photo by Camilo Fierro from Unsplash

Let’s start with the joy that dogs can bring you in college. We all know that college can be stressful, and especially with our current situation being online school, it is always nice to have a dog to cuddle with when you are sad or anxious. The next great thing that dogs bring you is they get you outside. Whenever you need to take a brain break, your dog is always there and ready to go on a walk with you! 

Dog in arms
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Now let’s get to the things that you do not always think about when adopting a dog. First off, if you adopt a puppy, make sure you have plenty of time to potty train the dog. My dog was four when I adopted him and was already potty trained. I think it is also really important to say that when you adopt a dog, your dog comes before yourself in the beginning so that they can get into a routine. Also your social life might slow down because you are going to want to spend time with your dog rather than going out.

It is also important that dogs get exercise so that they are healthy. If you live in Lawrence there is an amazing dog park at Clinton Lake. The last thing that I would say if you want to buy a dog is consider the financial aspect of it. Of course you have your food and your shots and checkups but something that I didn’t realize was how expensive flea and tick medicine, grooming and toys, etc. can be. 

Having a dog in college is a lot of hard work, but if you have the time and the love to give I promise it will be 100% worth it.

two friends walking big dogs on leashes on a bright grassy hill
Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

Hi!My name is Evan Bail. I am a Junior at the University of Kansas! In my free time I love going on walks with my dog and spending time with my family and friends.
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