Netflix Shows We Are Dying For

There is nothing worse than finishing a season of a show and then having to wait until the next season starts (thank you Netflix for spoiling us). With my anger and anticipation of these two shows in limbo, here's why they have been such a hit.

First of all, Netflix original shows is better than anything else, because A WHOLE SEASON is released at one time. However, I don’t know if you all are like me, but I could finish an entire season in a couple of days! Then, the waiting game starts again. "House of Cards" season 3 finished filming this past week and holy-moly, I cannot wait. This political drama has captured many people’s lives and has seriously brought up some alarming questions about our government. Does all this really happen??  Nevertheless, this governmental drama has been absent for about a year now, but we are excited that they recently announced a renewal at the end of February 2015!

"Orange Is The New Black" certainly took the world by storm, and quickly shot up to one of last season’s hottest shows. With an entire season releasing at a time, it is hard for people not to jump and watch it all at once. Last season was left by a huge cliffhanger, and I know I am not the only one dying for some more exposure or clues as to what the third season will bring.

Also announced earlier this month was the adaptation of the books "A Series of Unfortunate Events" that will be released on Netflix in the future. I’m excited about this new type of online interaction with the new array of series. I can definitely predict in the future that shows with be mutually exclusive with online video streaming sites.