Nailed it: Pick the Right Shape for Your Mani

When I got my very first manicure, I was given two options for nail shape: square or round. Now days, there are so many different shapes people are asking for at the salon that it is difficult to keep up. Here are some of the most common nail shapes I've seen, and how to know if that shape is right for you!

Round nails: This is probably the most basic nail shape you can choose, but that doesn't mean round nails aren't cute. They are an old fan favorite, like strawberry banana smoothies. These nails work well for people who work with their hands often. Because the nails have no corners, they don't break as easily as the other nail shape choices. 

Square Nails: This shape gives you a bit more edge, and can look very nice for special occasions. Square nails always catch people's eyes. However, because your nails will have sharp corners, you have to be very mindful as not to break them. If you don't have too much work to do with your hands, and you can be careful, this classic shape may be a good choice for you. 

Square-Round (squoval) Nails: This is a nice hybrid between the previous two options. If you aren't feeling the round nails but you have to work with your hands (or if you just dont trust yourself not to break square nails), this is a nice in-between shape. They won't break as easily as square nails, but they still give your mani a bit more edge.

Almond Nails: This is a good nail shape if you worry that your fingers look "chubby". It gives your fingers a nice long, lean, feminine look. 

Lipstick Nails: This shape is so odd to me, but if you are going for something out there and different, give these nails a try. Lipstick shaped nails are sure to turn heads, but be carful not to break the tip!

Stiletto Nails: This shape is super edgy, and it's staring to become very popular. If you really want your nails to turn heads or you just want to intimidate people, go with this shape. They come to a sharp point at the tip, so make sure you are very careful with them-not only to keep from breaking them, but more importantly to keep from harming yourself or others with these talons! 

Coffin Nails: These are similar to stilettos nails, but they are a bit safer and easier to maintain since they do not come to a point. This may be a good choice for you if you want to go for the edgy sharp nail look, but you are worried about hurting someone on accident (if, say, you often utilize grand hand gestures in everyday speech like I do).

I hope this has opened your eyes to some new possible nail shapes to try out, and shown you which one suits you best for your next mani! 



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