Micellar Water: A Garnier Product Review

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After the end of a long, hard day full of boring tasks and headache inducing conversation, I can’t wait to come home to my apartment, put on my polka dot pajama pants, and watch an episode of Parks and Rec. This is how I unwind for the day, and cleanse myself of the monotony of life. However, there’s another crucial thing that must take place in order for true relaxation to happen: take off my makeup.

Image: https://www.savvytravelers.com/how-to-take-makeup-off-without-makeup-rem...

I long to be the girls on YouTube with their fancy products and $30 dollar brushes. I’ve invested in a few high-end products here and there, but I like to stick to the basics on the drugstore shelves. I have an everyday routine that I’ve mastered, creating a subtle yet noticeable look, but by the time I get home after classes and running errands, my face is sticky, I’ve started to pick my mascara, and my lipstick has long faded.

Now, I traditionally am a makeup wipe kind of person, because I had a bad experience with liquid makeup remover in junior high, getting an entire and following the beauty bloggers, it’s no secret that rubbing the eye area can create harsh and permanent results.

It was time to be a grown-up woman, and use liquid eye remover once again, and the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water fell before me. The first thing I noticed was how easy it came out of the bottle, and didn’t pour all out at once (this had been my previous issue). Gently pressing the half-soaked cotton pad over my eye, I lifted and patted, just like in the commercials I’d seen on YouTube.

It took off my liquid eyeliner perfectly, and some of my eyeshadow immediately, and I patted down my under eye and cheek area, examining the makeup streaks on the cotton pad. I was amazed! The only problem I had was with my darn mascara, which isn’t waterproof. The Micellar Cleansing water couldn’t quite do the job like my trusty ole makeup wipes, but I was satisfied with every other aspect of the makeup removal.

So, kick your feet up, PAT (not rub!) your makeup off, and try out Garnier’s Micellar Water.