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The Less You Reveal The More People Can Wonder

Dear Ladies,

            You don’t need to show your boobs or your butt to get attention from a man. Yes, I know- you’ve heard that a million times before. It’s the truth though. If I can’t tell the difference between a pair of your shorts and a pair of your swim bottoms, you should probably invest in a new pair of both. Also, if you’re one of those girls that come from what I like to call “Spillage Village” then you should probably invest in either a bra or a shirt that fits too.

            “The less you reveal the more people can wonder” is probably my favorite quote by one of the most beautiful women there is, Emma Watson. That alone speaks loudly. Girls think that if they show more skin, they’ll attract more guys. I think that’s true if you want to attract guys who will use you and then get rid of you two seconds later. I think that’s true if you want to attract guys that you don’t see yourself with in the future. I think that’s true if you want to attract guys that love the phrases “How you doin’, baby?” and “where you headed tonight, sweetie?”


            “The less you reveal” doesn’t mean that you have to wear turtlenecks and pants 365 days of the year. Hell, no. It just means that you don’t have to give yourself away so easily. You can wear cute clothes and still attract successful, attractive men. You can attract men that are attracted to your personality rather than how much body you’re showing. When you wear clothes that fit you, it shows that you respect yourself enough to dress appropriately. If you don’t respect yourself, how do you expect someone that you just met to respect you? Not to mention, mystery is sexier than too much skin.

            Besides, if your boobs and butt are practically hanging out of your outfit, where’s the fun in that? That leaves literally nothing to the imagination. That leaves nothing up to sex appeal. So, ladies… I urge you to find clothes that fit, so that you can be a little mysterious and sexy, because what’s so sexy about a woman that doesn’t respect herself anyway?

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