I Kept a Dream Log for Five Days

This is what happened when I kept a dream log for five days. I have no explanation for any of these, and I'm honestly amazed that I even dreamt for all five of these days.

March 29

The dream started out at my wedding, often switching from the viewpoint of the bride and bridesmaid. When I was the bride, I was dressed in some futuristic, purple, and glittery outfit. My skin was this glamorous glowing green color that sparkled heavily. My reasoning for dressing like this was to look incredibly unattractive to my groom, who was faceless. I paid Travie McCoy to object during the wedding so that I wouldn’t actually have to marry the person. Once he did, I expected him to want to marry me (like in the movies), but he actually hates me for what I did to my groom, takes his fifty dollars, and leaves.

March 30

I dreamt that a friend of mine borrowed my car to go to church in Kansas City, and as soon as she left, it started blizzarding. I started freaking out and called her a hundred times, but she wouldn’t answer. I was frantic in the dream because I was sure she wrecked and was hurt somewhere. I felt like I had no way to get to her, and this continued on until I woke up.

April 1

I dropped out of college, moved back home, and had to take back my old job at the local grocery store. People that were once under me became my boss, and I couldn’t grasp how that happened. When I had to help a woman out to her car with her groceries, we had to go all the way to the back corner behind the store because that’s where she parked. It was very dark outside and her car was absolutely covered in snow. When I tried to push the cart to her car, I fell through the snow and her cart became buried under a mound of it in the process. She scolded me for doing such a terrible job and then proceeded to lift the entire cart of groceries out (at once, with one hand) and placed it in her trunk. Then, out of nowhere, my English Bulldog that my family had to put down my senior year of high school came running towards me, but as a puppy. He was so playful and hyper that I just sat in the snow with him for the longest time, playing and petting him.

Then the dream shifts, and suddenly I’m walking back to the store. It’s very creepy and an eerie feeling is cast over the dream. As I walk, I pass three men that appear to be members of the known lethal gang MS13. I accidentally make eye contact with one of them, and it causes him to start moving towards me. I shrink back against the wall and suddenly see a switchblade in his hand. I croak out a pathetic “please” in an attempt to beg for my life, and when it seems like he is just about to attack me, they all just turn around and walk away. When I finally hurry back inside the store to tell my boss what happens, she laughed and told me to “get my ass back to work.”

April 2

I’m in the world of The Walking Dead, and a tornado is coming. I’m in the group on the show, and we were residing in this area by a mountain side. We buried all the valuables we had and then found places to hide from the tornado, settling on a cave in the mountain. While we waited, I played an intense game of volleyball on my knees with others from the group inside the cave. Suddenly, the dream shifts and it’s Carol and Rick going to check the supplies after the tornado.

While this went on, on the other side of the cave, Daryl and a random girl he found were heading to the camp to salvage supplies because he had been separated and thought the entire group died in the tornado.

Back to Rick and Carol, Rick confesses his love for Carol and they start to kiss when they suddenly hear something outside. (It’s Daryl). They run out to see what it is, and Rick gets shot in the neck by the girl with Daryl. Daryl then shot her because he saw what she did. Luckily, the bullet only grazed Rick’s neck and he was saved.

April 3

This dream takes place at a therapist’s office/hotel and I am trying to get my friend to her appointment. She pukes all over the toilet, and because of that, I banned her from using it and made her carry around a baby potty training toilet. We left the therapist’s office and started driving my moms car. We only got a little ways down the street when I realized both of my friends (another was now in the car with us) had thrown ALL of my parents’ stuff out of the car, including my mother’s breathing machine, and left it on the side of the road. I was especially upset by this because my mother cannot leave the house without that breathing machine, and when they threw it out of the car, it broke.