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How to Stay Ahead of Midterms

Whether you like it or not midterms are right around the corner.  Before we start thinking about the Spring Break rays we are about to soak up, we need to keep our focus on those hard classes. Midterms can be hard to study for and be the cause of a lot of stress, so here are some ways to help you breeze right on to spring break. 

1. Stay Ahead of the Game: This isn’t the first time you have heard this phrase, and I am sure it won’t be the last. It really is true, if you have a midterm next week start your note cards now! Even if you don’t get to studying during the week, at least they will be one less thing you have to do. 

2. Balance: Don’t get so deep in studying you can’t have fun. It’s all about balance, if you want to go out Friday night make sure you have Saturday and Sunday blocked off to do some work.

3. Study with Friends: Friends for class or your besties, studying with friends will help be a little easier. Plus they are great for answering questions.

4. Use your Resources: Each school has their own resources for your use.  If your midterm is a paper, make sure you take to the Writing Center, or the Editing Center if you are a Journalism student. 

5. Give Yourself a Break: Treat yo’ self girl, get a mani/pedi or message, take a deep breath and relax. 

Native East Coaster but born and raised all over this beautiful world. A lover of photography, traveling, a good story, and of course social media. You can always find me studying Journalism and Global and International Studies while day dreaming up a new adventure.
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