How The HC Survival Kit Will Save Your Life

When the Her Campus Back-To-School Survival Kit lands at KUHCHQ, we are cavewomen discovering fire for the first time. We exchange looks and tentatively approach the box, like it might be hiding a wild cougar or some other Cretaceous period predator waiting to pounce. When we pull back the flaps, we peer inside and sniff. Unlike real fire, the things inside do not hurt us. Much like real fire, these products are hot.

I find myself now in the KUHCHQ pawing through the box much like my four-month-old kitten (her name is Luna, she’s real cute). “What does this do?” I ask myself, looking at the box that contains a sheer panty by Leggs. My attention is quickly averted. “Koozie!”


Within the box of wonder, I find the means to smell like a fancy lady à la Juicy Couture (bless up to the velour goddesses), some stuff to poke on my eyelashes from Rimmel, and approximately four different magic potions to put on my face to make it feel like a baby’s bottom from Freeman. Camelbak makes a pretty steamy appearance (it’s a pun, we got some amazeballs anti-spill insulated travel mugs). Also, there’s Monistat? And like, a Diva Cup and some fun books and LOTS OF COUPONS. Who doesn’t love discounted junk we don’t ~technically~ need but can buy at a grocery store so it counts as groceries for our allowance from mom?!


Is it okay if I make an obscure reference here, collegiettes? Do you remember that episode of Jonas (not L.A., the other boring one) where Kevin and Joe don’t know what a colander is and they call it a magic bottomless bowl? That’s how this box feels. There’s so much stuff in it we can’t not give it away.

All of these things are fantastic on their own, but thrown all together it’s literally the perfect way to set the tone for the school year. You have everything you need and then some. So get on these giveaways, ladies because these products are about to change your life and rehabilitate you for the final stretch of the first semester!