Homage to Yuna Kim

Photo courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics came to an end. Rooting for your country and your favorite players is the best part.  Whether they win the gold medal or not, it is just amazing to watch how much effort players put into this once in four years opportunity.

Personally, my favorite sport to watch is figure skating, for many reasons. First, I personally love ice skating a lot. It’s fun to go ice skating with your friends and nice way to exercise at the same time. Second, which this is the main reason, is because of Yuna Kim. Yuna Kim is so far the best women figure skater in Korea, making endless world records and winning medals in every single competition she has been in. Well, I would have to mention that I am from Korea, and it just gets crazy in Korea during Winter Olympic season. Think of it as a Superbowl season, but the whole country roots for one person.

Photo courtesy of iamkorean.com

I was actually in Korea four years ago watching the Winter Olympics, and it was different watching it in the United States in my dorm room. This year’s Olympics was especially meaningful because it was Yuna Kim’s last performance before her retirement. This is a sad news for a lot of fans. Also, after having a big scandal about unfairness of her winning the silver medal after a great performance, it is quite disappointing to see her leave the stage this way. There were lots of aggressive responses, such as ESPN writing “Home cooking” on their front page and lots of Koreans petitioning on change.org to ask the International Skating Union to review the examination result again, which ended up knocking down the server. I was shocked that Yuna Kim didn’t win the gold medal in her last competition but it was still amazing to see her performing on the ice.

Photo courtesy of nbcolympics.com

Despite winning silver, Yuna Kim is still a queen in my heart and many figure skating fans in South Korea. Her last performance in the gala show was probably very special for everyone. Yuna Kim’s acting during the figure skating gala show was like an elegant butterfly flying around the ice, captivating billions of people and proving that she is the queen of figure skating. I have loved every moment of my time rooting for her, but now that the time has come to an end. Her performances will be in my memory forever more. It is sad that we can’t see her acting on the ice again but I am glad that I was born in this century to see an inspiring woman take over the world with her amazing figure skating skills.

Do you guys like watching figure skating? What were your favorite sports to watch during this Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics? Let us know in the comments below!