Her Campus's Ultimate Fall Survival Guide: The Halloween Edition

It’s October, and you know what that means: Halloween and Her Campus’s annual Fall Survival Guide! Not only are these products you can’t live without, but they’re products that could help you out in some sticky situations this Halloween.

1. The Diva Cup. Ever heard of a Menstrual Cup? Yeah, neither did we until we got our hands on this handy tool. This reusable cup allows you to not only to save money, but to avoid annoying stains.

Comes in handy during: the apocalypse. Who has time to go out and buy tampons when the world is about to end?!

2. TRESemme Hair Care. We recommend two awesome hair care products from TRESemme’s new Perfectly UnDone line.  The sea salt spray will give you those beautiful waves you crave and coupled with the Wave Creation foam, your hair will be more alive than the undead.

Comes in handy during: a run-in with a coven. If you’re going to be hanging out with witches, you’d better look fabulous while you’re at it.

3. Cold-Eeze. Picture this: you are rocking your fight with a zombie - and you get a killer cough. What should you take to get rid of it? Cold-Eeze of course! Cold-Eeze cuts your cold down time in half and the honey melt soothes and protects you from infection.

Comes in handy during: any survival situation. Just because you’re fighting for your life doesn’t mean your immune system will be able to keep up!

4. 5 Hour Energy. If you need a boost to keep you awake for the day, this 5 hour energy will keep your energy up, well, for 5 hours! This yummy berry flavor will even have the zombies craving more!

Comes in handy during: just about any major crisis. Who has time for sleep when you’re in the middle of your cinematic horror movie moment?

5. Palmer's Cocoa Butter. Dry skin? No thanks! This Palmers Cocoa Butter will relieve your dry skin and even your chapped lips. Who doesn’t want soft, smooth skin during the apocalypse?

Comes in handy during: outside survival situations. Your skin can dry out when you're working against the elements. Be sure to keep this around to ensure your skin stays healthy!

6. Every Day/Another Day & We Were Liars. Some light reading never hurt anybody. Relax from a long day by reading this sample from David Levithan & E. Lockhart. Every Day is about a girl who lives her life everyday IN A DIFFERENT BODY. What? Yeah. you should totally read it. Now.

Comes in handy during: your wait in your survival shelter. If you’re waiting out the end of the world or hiding from the undead, there’s bound to be a lot of time where you’ve got nothing better to do. Pick up this read and pass the time away like it’s nothing!

7. Zing Sweetener. There’s nothing better than a sweet tea, and this Zing Sweetener makes it even better. It comes from the company that makes Stevia! So, you know it’s amazing. In one packet, you have the equivalent of two teaspoons of sugar.

Comes in handy during: any situation where food is scarce. You won’t always get a three course meal when you’re running for your life, so you might as well keep these around to sweeten whatever food you’ve got with you.

8. Martha Stewart Paint. Maybe you like to craft? Maybe not, but this paint is from THE Martha Stewart and it has GLITTER. Glitter, y’all. Maybe all the glitter will blind those zombies? just a suggestion!

Comes in handy during: OK, let’s be real — when would this NOT come in handy? Whether you need to get creative and make some quick camouflage or just need a de-stresser from the chaos that is fighting for survival, this paint is the way to go.

9. NYC Color. There’s no such thing as too much makeup, and NYC is back to stun us again. This Brooklyn Mocha shadow stick is a must-have to add to your collection.

Comes in handy during: the zombie apocalypse. Use these sticks to achieve the look of the undead. If you use enough, you might just blend in with the other zombies and look great while you’re at it.

10. Chipotle. Our favorite friends at Chipolte hooked y’all up with a BOGO card so you and a friend can enjoy a survival meal.

Comes in handy during: your getaway plan. Who has time to cook when you’re running for your life?

11. Purse. Need a cute getaway bag? This purse is PERFECT for keeping all of your goods in a cute way!

Comes in handy during: just about any situation. Half of survival is all about the storing your provisions somewhere safe, and you may as well look cute while you’re doing it.

Thanks to all of our sponsors for the sweet giveaways! It's everything we need to survive this Halloween and the rest of the semester, too.