HC Summer Survival Kit: AKA Hell Yeah

My first thought opening the HC Summer Survival Kit is “Thank God.” These products are literally perfect no matter where you’re spending your summer. I’m not just plugging this stuff because we got it for free, I’m actually ecstatic to have them in my possession and tell you all about them.


I’m a music festival frequenter, and all of these items would fit so easily into a cross body for your convenience in the summer heat. Whether you’re kicking it in the desert for Coachella, laying under the Chicago skyline for Lollapalooza, or sweating your face off on a farm in Tennessee for Bonnaroo, these products will literally save your life. Plus, they’re all travel sized!

As anyone who has ever attended a music festival in the dead of summer can tell you, there is no such thing as being over-prepared. But also, that bag will get heavy. Everything you buy needs to be miniscule. Secret’s got you covered with their travel sized deodorants in their new fresh water lily scent. Your sweat smells like perfume, it’s awesome. Every girl’s dream is to smell like a goddess while actually dripping in sweat.


And as far as that sweat problem goes, Summer’s Eve has blessed us with these amazing cleansing wipes. Run one of those puppies across your arms or legs and it’s like you’ve just taken a shower. You’ll want these in bulk if you’re camping, trust me. I still have nightmares about bathing at Bonnaroo.


Our super stylish HC koozies will keep those cans and bottles cool as you lounge on the grass and soak in those sweet festival vibes. There’s nothing more refreshing than a cool Straw-ber-rita during a Glass Animals set. Plus, everyone knows you’re fabulous as f*ck.

Essence has also got you covered with their brow pencil. Admittedly, I’d never used a brow shaping pencil before and was a little nervous, but I tried it out and it was great. There’s this one annoying hair on my right brow that always sticks up and refuses to conform no matter how much I brush at it. The light wax of the pencil kept it in place without making my brows feel like they were made of silicone. 10/10 would recommend to keep those brows on fleek for all those Instagram pics you’re taking.


Finally, we’ve reached our travel necessities: the incredible Steripod and that all-important entertainment: White Fur. The Steripod is amazing because it’s everything I’ve been meaning to grab without the hassle of going to Target and seeking it out. I’m definitely that cheap, lazy girl who grabs a sandwich bag and throws her wet toothbrush into it, using fingers like tongs to fetch it later when I get to my destination. The Steripod is so much easier than using a full toothbrush case, too. It clips over the brush part and lets the handle avoid all that excess moisture that tends to creep down and cover everything. Did I mention it clips?! No more forcing toothbrush holders open by pulling on each side like a Chinese firecracker! Huzzah, the lazy girl’s germaphobia solution!


We’ve also got a copy of White Fur to give away, but I’ll let my friend Margarita take it from here and tell you all about that. It has a 3.77 rating on Goodreads and the general consensus is that it’s baller, so I’m looking forward to having a peek into it myself.


Alas, this summer I’ll not be attending a music festival. Instead, I’ll be jetting off to London for a Big Girl Internship, but these products will be perfect for my trip all the same. Even if you’re hanging out at the neighborhood pool, you can be sure the HC Summer Survival Kit has got your back.