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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KU chapter.

1.)  Go to a KU Baseball game.

Its free and there are boys, do you really need anything else? KU basketball and football get a lot of attention, but those baseball boys work just as hard. Plus while admiring the players, you can catch some sun and get working on that summer tan. Just look at the schedule, grab your KUID card and head to Hoglund Ballpark to support your Jayhawks.

2.)  Volunteer.

With the arrival of beautiful weather, you’re going to want to spend all your time outside, so why not do something good for the community? Volunteer at the Humane Society. Take a couple of adorable dogs on a walk! Or get involved with a community garden or the Big Event at KU.

3.)  Have A Picnic

Potter Lake is one of the prettiest places on campus, why not enjoy it? Grab a couple friends, a basket, fill it with all the goodies you want and spend the day relaxing in the sun. You can even bring a ball and play some catch. You can make the picnic as fun as you want to.

4.)  Go on a hike

Clinton Lake is only about 30 minutes away and offers trails and a lake to hike or walk around. It also offers a dog park for those of you who are dog lovers. Being stressed out with school and work and all the other stresses that come with being a college student, it’s nice to get away and get in touch with nature once in awhile.

5.)  Grill Out

Even if you don’t have a grill, several apartment complexes have them or you can even use your own kitchen and cook! Invite your neighbors and friends over and have everyone bring one dish and have a huge feast. It’s a great way to spend a Sunday evening and meet new people. 

Cailey Taylor. Director of Administration for Her Campus KU Journalism and Political Science major at University of Kansas. Staff member of Good Morning KU and KUJH News.