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Being a business major can be pretty competitive, especially when pursuing a career in entrepreneurship. There are a few ways to distinguish yourself between a list of others applying for the same position, and one of them is joining Delta Sigma Pi (DSP), a business fraternity here at KU.

DSP presents opportunities to network with other professionals, volunteer in the community, get experience fundraising and also to meet other people that have the same career interests as you, broadening your network further.

Chancellor Laura Aker says that the best part of DSP is making a difference in the community and also meeting all of her friends. “The connections and people I’ve met are really important to me and it’s nice to have lots of friends that understand my major and the struggles and triumphs that I go through on a day-to-day basis.”

In their weekly meetings, DSP members discuss projects, goals and ways to become well-known to businesses In Kansas City, trying to get their name out in the world. Discussions include ways to volunteer and to spread their name to potential career paths for members.

Just this last weekend, members of DSP participated in a community service project for Habitat For Humanity, helping to build a house for a family in the future. “I really hope we can do Habitat again, I had a lot of fun.” says Austin Hyden, member since spring of 2013. “I hope DSP volunteers to do this again, it was really rewarding to make such a difference for a complete stranger.”

There were around 30 people that were interested in pledging for DSP in their most recent round of interviews, 13 of which were selected to pledge this coming April. “I was really excited that so many people were interested in joining” says Aker. “It means we’re doing a good job of promoting ourselves around campus and I’m excited to keep up the good work!”

Joining Delta Sigma Pi means being distinguished from others, which helps greatly in such a  competitive environment.


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