Celebrating National Craft month: DIY lamp cover

Did you know that March is National Craft Month? I found that out during this break and to celebrate that, I came up with this DIY lamp cover project. I love going to furniture stores and looking at cool lighting fixtures and I incorporated that to this DIY project. Also, as we just had a spring break, I thought it would be a fun way to make something creative.

I personally love the city scene because it looks clean and sharp. A part of me always has a hope of living in the cities after I graduate. You can totally go with different print or picture you like. This all comes down to personal preference.

1. You need a sheet of black paper and a color paper in same size. Any colors are great but I picked yellow.

2. Draw a city scene or any other things you would like on there. This takes awhile to draw but if you have something in mind, it will go quicker.

3. Cut out all the parts that you want colors to show. For me, they were windows, stars, and the moon.

4. Tape or glue the color paper behind the black sheet of paper.

5. Use it as a lap stand cover!


I taped them in different color paper and it looks so different depending on what color paper you choose to use.

What  would say for you is to go with your favorite color! 

These steps sound quite time consuming but it is so fun and it’s all worth it.

I thought it would be quite cute to tape it around the lamp cover you already have and that’s what I did.  I have this boring lamp I bought from IKEA last year and I think when I go back to Lawrence after the break, I will definitely put this around my lamp so it looks cool. It can be used for parties or even for your dorm. Or you can use it as a card for special occasions like birthday or wedding. You could tape this around a tissue box and put bunch of Christmas lights in there to make a pretty lighting decoration. This could really be used in any kind of creative ways you can think of.

What did you think of this DIY project? Are there any DIY projects you would love to try? Comment below about cool DIY projects!