Body Shaming Ends Now

Before I get started, I just want to say that you are so beautiful. I say this before I have seen you and have no clue what you look like. I have always admired the concept of the television show "The Voice" and how the judges don’t base their decisions on appearance. While not exactly the same, I want to get to know you for how you think and feel and express yourself. In short, the person you are on the inside.

We’ve all done it. Judging quietly or maybe to a friend about someone’s appearance while flipping through magazines or clicking on profile pictures. We say things like, “wow, did she really have her hair like that?” or “she is wearing way too much make-up.” We critique people we know or may have never met.

Now put yourself on the other side. You are the one being critiqued, and you are oblivious to the judgment. People, who may not know a single thing about you, are judging your appearance. “Her nose is kind of big.” “Does she think she looks good in that?”How does it feel to have the tables turned?

We’ve been taught since the day we were born that what really matters is what’s on the inside. But why do we brush that off and instead decide to spend hours pulling at our clothes or making sure our hair is just right? I understand that sometimes it’s fun to primp and pamper. I love getting ready with my friends and helping everyone find something to wear. But before long we start to pick at the things we may not like and quickly become our worst critic.

Body shaming helps no one. It’s not uplifting and it doesn’t provide comfort. It doesn’t build you up and make you strong, but tears you apart and makes you weak. Words are powerful. Sticks and stones will show the hurt on the outside, but unlike the saying, words are not quick to fade and the hurt can stay forever.

Be careful how you treat yourself. We can be so mean. Imagine someone repeating back to you what you say about yourself everyday. Don’t give yourself permission to nit-pick yourself just as if someone were doing it to you. It may seem harmless in a sense, but over time you will feel the reprecussions. 

Let's say NO to body shaming. Be kind to one another. Because like "High School Musical" said, “We’re all in this together.”