Anna Matuella '20

Anna Matuella is a sophomore at the University of Kansas focusing her talents on majoring in math. However, she has plenty up her sleeve: the Omaha, Nebraska native also plays tennis, enjoys watching “Seinfeld” and eating strawberry ice-cream, creates pottery and is extremely competitive in any board game. Anna is known for being brilliant at subjects that give most headaches, such as engineering and calculus, but reluctantly shared a story of the time she fell victim to a trend known as “avocado hand”. If you are unfamiliar with the term, “avocado hand” occurs when attempting to cut into the fruit goes wrong and the blade slices into the hand holding the avocado. “I just wanted some avocado toast,” Anna laughs about the incident. Apparently, even superstars such as Meryl Streep have succumbed to the accident, so Anna need not feel alone in the fact that she had to wear a splint after her emergency-room occurrence.