8 Slippers You Didn't Know You Needed in Your Life

I am a sucker for material goods. If I was a superhero, fighting mansplaining and student debt, my one (“one”, hahahaha) downfall would be that I can’t say no to a deal. Or a pink fluffy bow, strapped to my foot.

We are getting down to the nitty gritty of end of semester, and I wanted to let you know that you don’t have to do it alone. Get yourself a pair of the following slippers, pop on your new kicks, sit back and sip wine while the tears roll down onto your study guides.

Wishing you all the best, and hoping you join me in my addiction for cute things that I don’t really need, but buy anyways.


UGG Fluff Yeah

These bad boys look pretty badass, and the platform on the bottom boosts not only your confidence, but your height too. I love the color variety, and you can’t go wrong with any pair of UGGs. As much shit as the brand gets for being basic or UGGly, I have too many boots and slippers to let the haters get to me. These “Fluff Yeah” slides will help you step over the stress of the holiday season.


Victoria Secret Faux-Fur slipper

Okay these are CUTE cute. The colors are both festive and summery, and the brilliant red is something that Victoria Secret has mastered in its holiday branding. While these don’t look like the most comfortable or partible, who buys slippers for those reasons anyways?! These are a must-have.

Victoria Secret Velvet Bow Slipper

My feet are aching to slide into these furry, velvety slippers, like sinking into a cold winter star-less sky. The bows are a nice touch too. Also, black goes with everything, and represents the deep hole into which my seasonal affected disorder pulls me in. What a coincidence!


Duck Yeah

On a lighter side of life, I must have these ridiculous slippers. Walking around with a pair of yellow ducks on my feet would instantly cure any winter blues, and maybe even some homemade sound effects would attribute to the success these babies would bring.

Happy Elf Penguin

And because of the upcoming joy of Christmastime, if ducks just aren’t your thing, maybe a penguin with a festive hat on is. I don’t know your level of extra, but if it’s over a 10, these are your new best friend.


Cush Booty

Okay okay I get it. The infamously fantastically named “Cush Booty” doesn’t hold a candle to the adorable/tacky slippers above. And yet, because they are tried and true (yes, I admit to wearing these), the “Cush Booty” will change your life if you have cold feet in the winter. They are like fluffy marshmallow socks, and you’ll probably end up sleeping in them. Get yourself a pair of Cush Booties.

Cheetah Bootie

And if you’re a boot kind of slipper-girl and the Cush Booty just isn’t your style, maybe these “Western(?)” Cheetah print – with neon pink soles- are just for you.



Ted Baker Classy Bow

And lastly, when the Cheetah booty just won’t work for your high-end taste, Ted Baker makes a great pair of slip on slides, with the perfect gray fur and classy little velvet bow to satisfy all of your needs.


I hope you’ve found your one true match, and that you treat yo’self this holiday season.