7 Reasons Why Friend Break-Ups Are Worse Than Relationship Break-Ups

Almost everyone will go through at least one romantic breakup sometime in their lives. However, there’s a different kind of break up that doesn’t get nearly enough attention: the dreaded best friend breakup. Here’s 7 reasons why breaking up with your best friend calls for way more Ben and Jerry’s than any romantic break-up ever will.


1.There’s nobody to replace your bff right away

If you lose a lover, it’s fairly easy to find a fill-in for at least one night. However, if you and your BFF end things, there’s no easy replacement. Best friends have a special connection and chances are, nobody quite gets you like she did. Breaking up with your best friend not only entails losing your soulmate, but losing her family, her clothes, and her pets too.

2. You lost your secret-keeper

Most best friends tell eachother everything. After the break up, it’s easy to feel vulnerable if you think that your former bestie knows too much about you. After all, how do you know she won’t go and tell everyone about the time you laughed so hard you peed on her trampoline?


3. Explaining to others that you aren’t friends anymore

This especially rings true for long-term besties. If you’ve been attached at the hip for 5 years, chances are people will wonder why you’re no longer seen together. Having to explain your ex-best friend status can be particularly painful.


4. Everything reminds you of them

Whether it’s a familiar pizza parlor or a song on the radio, your friendship might be over, but it won’t be easily forgotten. You’re guaranteed to see Some memories last a lifetime, and bestie breakups are certainly no exception.


5. Forgetting that you two aren’t friends anymore

Have you ever typed out a full text to a friend only to remember that you can’t hit send? Your best friend was the first person you went to with good or bad news. Realizing that you can no longer immediately call and talk to that person when you want to can be a major adjustment.

6.  It takes a long time to heal

Unlike a breakup with your significant other, after which you have your best friend to lean on, you won’t have nearly as much emotional support if you and your bff break it off. Running into an ex-bestie is super awkward and uncomfortable at first, but it’s likely that eventually you’ll be able to look her in the eye and hold a conversation.


7. It can get messy

Friend break-ups can be especially painful if you shared a friend group with your BFF. You might be left wondering: Are they friends with her or friends with me? Furthermore, if it ended badly, ex-best friends might spread rumors or gossip about you out of anger and hurt. Being reminded of your friendship might sting a little extra if either of these things happen. 

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