The 6 Types of Frat Boys You'll Meet In College

One of the most exciting parts of college is meeting different people, but frat boys are a breed of their own. Even though movies depict them all as cute but douche-y, there’s plenty of different species of frat brothers. They’re often stereotyped in a negative light, but they’re not all like that. Except for when they are.


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The Vineyard Vines Trust Fund Baby

This guy is everything a fraternity’s dreams are made of. He proudly sports his Sperry’s, custom made letters, and the little whale logo. Every. Single. Day. We get it, you have money and you’re probably a business major. Where'd you park your boat today?

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The F-Boy

We all know this guy. The one who slides into your DMs, asks you to “send nudes”, and is definitely hitting on all your friends too. He’s hot, he’s charming, but he’s definitely not worth it.

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The Weird One

There’s always that one guy who you’re not sure just how he got into the frat. He’s at every party either standing in the corner drinking Natty or awkwardly trying to flirt with girls who obviously aren’t into it. Even some of his brothers roll their eyes when you ask about him.


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The Bro

Always wearing a Hawaiian shirt and drinking beer, he's one of the most fun frat boys to party with. He makes the best jungle juice and know everyone at the party, but nobody has ever seen him in a class. Seriously, is he even a student here? Also, he definitely thinks that any day that ends in a "y" is the perfect day to blackout.

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The Meathead

If you haven’t heard about his fitness Instagram and how you should “totally follow it”, you will soon. He’s either in the gym or talking about it. Also might double as a bouncer at your favorite bar. (RIP The Hawk)

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The Sweetheart

Yes, they do exist. He’ll invite you to all their parties and not expect anything from you. He’ll make sure you get home safe, protect you from his creepy brothers, and hold your hair if you need it. Overall, he is one of the best guys out there.


Fraternities can often be overwhelming, and navigating the types of boys there can be one of the hardest parts. But if you do your research, you can find some of your new best friends. No matter what, though, I can promise you'll always have a story to tell after being around them.