56 Things That Are Worse Than Doing Taxes

It's April, and this means taxes. It's no secret that this isn't the most wonderful thing we could all be doing, but I'm here to remind you that it could be worse. Here's a list of 56 things that are worse than doing taxes. 


Vacuuming up an earring

When your shower won't warm up

A chipped of broken nail

Burning your tongue

Burning cookies or brownies

Waiting in line

Food poisoning

Finals week

Donald Trump

Parking tickets

Running out of milk after you pour your cereal

Cleaning cat pee from the carpet

Getting frostbite

Middle school

Standing behind a tall person at a concert

Dropping food you weren't done eating


Global warming

Wet socks

The ice cream at Mcdonalds

Stubbing your toe

A bad haircut

Falling on ice

A flat tire



Drunk family members

Adult cartoons

Expired milk


Greasy hair

Coffee stains

Stepping on a Lego

Losing your key(s)

Having cold feet

When your jeans are too tight

Chapped lips

Biting into ice cream


8 am class

10+ hour shifts

College tuition

The government


Taking out the trash

Fighting with your mom

Group work

Paying bills

Cults (I'm not going to elaborate on this one)




Lactose intolerance



The Snapchat update

A dead phone

Fergie’s national anthem