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5 Things You Cannot Live Without This Finals Week

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KU chapter.

With Finals Week just around the corner, stress levels are starting to run high in Lawrence. Whether you are editing last minute video projects or revising your 9th draft on your term paper you are bound to get a little stress out. Absolutely no one looks forward to finals week, but this year I have decided to take the semester off from hating and see if my positive vibes can help me out on these nasty finals.  So I have created the ultimate list to help you get through this finals week alive. 

1. Coffee- This might be the most important item on the list, something has got to keep you up and alert. Black or full of sugar sip your coffee wisely. 

2. The Gym– A quick workout can be the best stress reliever out there. The Rec is offering free classes during finals week so take advantage off them and shake off the worries. A yoga class can be extremely beneficial to calm your nerves and let stress fade away.

3. Friends– Let’s face it you couldn’t last a day without, epically over finals. There’s no one who can cheer you up better, and chances are they are going through hell week too! So lean on your friends they will always be there to let you cry on their shoulder. 

4. A Good Study Spot– Club Schutz, am I right? Maybe you’re more a Watson person, or a Java Break gal. What ever your place is embrace it. Check out this article for study spots in Lawrence and check out this article for study spots on campus.

5. To-Do List- Nothing keeps you more organized than a good list. Keep track of what needs to be study and in what order, it will make your week go by much smoother. 

Remember YOU GOT THIS! 


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