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5 Things To Do When You Can’t Do Anything

There comes a point in time during the semester when you literally can’t even. It usually comes around midterms and unfortunately, only tends to amplify as finals approach. It’s not really procrastination, because you’re really actually trying to sit down and do your work, and it’s not technically a lack of focus, because you did study with your laptop and textbooks. It’s more of a sense of lethargy that is standing between you and knocking about that one assignment that is due tomorrow. So, when the wall appears, how do you get over it? Here are five things to help you beat the barrier and…Get. Shit. Done.


1. Go Outside


Okay, I might sound like your mom here, but really, a breath of fresh air can work wonders. Even taking a five minute walk could be the difference in writing a paragraph in an hour or a page. Some deep breaths of cool autumn air can really make a difference in your productivity. This is also a great opportunity to explore your campus a little bit before it’s time to hit the books again.

2. Exercise


My first two suggestions might not sound like fun, but they’ve been scientifically proven to help you focus. See, when you go exercise, whether it be a bike, run, or walk, or really any form of exercise, your body releases endorphins, a feel-good hormone. Exercising will help you think clearly and focus waaaay better than lying down to take a nap (although sleep is super important). It doesn’t have to be a marathon, but just a light workout can improve your concentration level. 

3. Bake

Also scientifically proven, baking (or cooking) can seriously gain you some mental power. The physical action of baking can actually help improve mental health. This choice is one of my favorites, because you also get the reward of eating your delicious baked good after slaying that homework. Stuck in a dorm room? Check out this list of treats you can make without an oven.  

4. Set Goals

Setting goals has always inspired me to get stuff done. The important thing to remember about this one is that a goal doesn’t have to be big. In fact, a smart goal is setting your eye on something that you know is attainable. Setting a goal can be even more enticing when you tie in a reward with it: “I’m going to finish this chapter before I go eat lunch.” Deal. “I’ve got to do that math assignment before Scandal comes on.” Fine.  

5. Listen to Music


Maybe you’re the type of person who works best to music anyway, but regardless, taking that 3-5 minute break and just focusing on the music can really help clear your mind. Try finding a station that helps you focus best and tune out from your homework and tune in to the song. Closing your eyes and taking some deep breaths will not only help clear up any anxiety you may be facing (it’s due AT MIDNIGHT) but can also provide you with some great inspiration. 


Do you have any tips or tricks that always help you focus? Shout them out in the comment section below! Happy homeworking! 



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