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5 Reasons to Be a Vegetarian as told by Phoebe Buffay

Today the idea of vegetarianism is becoming more and more prevalent everywhere. It isn’t just for hippies anymore! Celebrities are even jumping on the new health craze that also benefits the animal world. So here’s why you might consider becoming a vegetarian!

1. You still get to eat a lot of food and lose weight. Cutting meat out can reduce a lot of calories without sacrificing the benefits of meat! As long as you are aware of your protein intake and your vitamin intake it can be a good solution for losing weight.

2. You have way more energy. Studies show that people who eat vegetarian diets have more energy than people who eat meat! This means a lot more energy to get through the day without caffeine or other stimulants. 


3. Reduce global warming. This is one fact not many people think of. It has been shown that livestock produce more greenhouse gases than all cars and trucks in the world combined. That’s quite a lot! The more vegetarians in the world the less livestock that has to be raised and therefore less greenhouse gases.


4. One more step toward ending world hunger. We have so many crops currently feeding livestock that could be used to feed children all over the world. Becoming vegetarian means there will be less livestock needed to feed people and therefore less crops will be needed to feed them!

5. Of course there is all the animals you will save. Animals are over bred everywhere to feed the masses not to mention are injected full of hormones. Even if just a small percentage of us become vegetarian, we can save thousands of animals from needless slaughter!

So consider being a vegetarian today! And even if you don’t, I encourage you to advocate for better meat handling processes and a cleaner earth.


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