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5 Classes to Take Before You Graduate

I don’t know about any of you, but I’ve taken both awesome and awful classes here at KU. They can be hard to discern, so I’ve compiled a list of some of the best classes that you need to take before you graduate. Oh, and P.S. – all of these classes fulfill the KU Core!

1. AMOS 220 – Unusual Weather

This may seem like such as strange class to take if you aren’t a meteorology major, but you get to learn a little bit about what makes Kansas such a unique place to be.

2. COMS 230 – Introduction to Debate

This is one of those other weird ones that you wouldn’t even think about unless someone told you about it.  This class, by far, is the easiest class that I’ve taken – and it’s also the most fun. Sure, you have to debate topics, but you always get a few days off to make up for it!

3. ECIV 104 – Eastern Civilizations

This was probably one of the most interesting classes  I have ever taken here at KU. Originally, I thought I was going to be learning about Eastern Europe, but I ended up enjoying learning about China and Japan. This class is easy, and it’s great for business majors!

4. REL 104 – Introduction to Religious Studies

This might just be one of the most popular classes at KU because it’s so easy. It fills up very quickly, so make sure you enroll early for this class! You are going to get an interesting look at religions.

5. AMS/SOC 110 – American Identities

If I had to pick out a lecture to recommend, it would be this one! The professor is one of the most awesome people I’ve ever met (he has his own website, people), and he loves what he talks about. The class is also really easy and you get a different perspective on the US!

Shelby is a senior here at KU. As well as being the Admin Director for Her Campus KU and a Chapter Advisor, she is involved in Student Senate and Alpha Delta Pi. Her obsession with Chipotle is never ending and she can make a mean chocolate chip cookie. Follow her on Twitter @shelsncheese and Instagram @shelbyostrom_
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