27 Signs You Go To The University of Kansas

1. KU Basketball is your religion and Allen Fieldhouse is your chapel


2. You have the best off-beat clap around

3. Your calves are your best feature

4. You've got 30 mini bibles and you're not even religious

5. You have the number for Pizza Shuttle memorized (and probably know the radio ad word-for-word)

6. You've honestly considered jumping in front of a bus for free tuition

7. You've perfected the art of falling asleep anywhere

 8. The colors red and blue make up 90% of your wardrobe

9. You know the Safebus routes better than the actual bus routes

10. One word: Burritogate.

11. You know the true versatility of cream cheese: donuts, pizza, etc.

12. You wear your headphones on campus - no one can see you, no one will bother you (unless it's an HC KU girl who has the mad skills of still getting your attention)

13. Seeing the man on the unicycle makes your day

14. You have to stop to catch your breath while walking up the hill to class

15. You learn to hide the fact that you need to catch your breath after walking up the hill to class

 16. It's 110 degrees outside and 10 degrees inside (or vice versa)

17. You know the value of a dollar - especially on Wednesday nights

18. You always have a parking ticket to pay off

19. You've giggled at someone for chasing a bus

20. You've chased a bus

21. Athletic events take precedence over actual classes

22. Going to Mass means nothing religious at all

23. You have stalked a stranger (at least once) while trying to find parking

24. There are more buildings under construction than actually constructed

25. Walking across campus in winter feels like a 100 mile trek through Antarctica

26. You've gotten seat-jacked during midterms and finals by people you've never seen before

27. You know jumping in the fountain is a right of passage